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We Procure, Operate, Transmit, Distribute and Supply Electricity


Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) Limited is a limited liability company established under the Companies Act of 1984. The mandate of the Corporation is to procure, operate, transmit, distribute and supply electricity in the country. ESCOM Limited is constituted by licensees namely Single Buyer, Transmission, Distribution and System and Market Operator.
Single Buyer

Single Buyer Licensee is mandated to purchase and sell electric power by among others preparing a long-term forecast of demand taking into consideration the targets of electricity supply coverage and expected economic growth in consultation with the Ministry of Energy.


Transmission Licensee (TL) is mandated to build, operate and maintain the transmission network in Malawi. TL is also charged with coordinating the operation of the transmission system with the System and Market Operator Licensee.


Distribution Licensee (DL) is mandated to plan, build, operate and maintain the distribution network in Malawi and also supply electricity to consumers.

System and Market Operator

System and Market Operator (SMO) Licensee is mandated to guarantee to all generation plants a fair dispatch and non-discriminatory access to the transmission system. SMO further owns, manages and operates the Load Dispatch Centre in a non-discriminatory manner and at least cost in the interconnected system.

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To become a leading provider of reliable, inclusive and affordable electricity and related services in the region

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To supply electricity to the nation for sustainable development

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  • Achieve network reliability and availability

  • operational effectiveness and efficiency and safety

  • Achieve financial viability

  • Accelerate customers connections

  • Achieve good corporate governance and compliance

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  • Deliver for our customers efficiently

  • Drive value through stakeholders

  • Grow our organisation capability

  • Empower our people