ESCOM rolls out LED project

Project to save 30 Megawatts of power

LED project to save 30 Megawatts of power

ESCOM has rolled out an energy saving project where it is replacing high energy consuming incandescent bulbs with very low energy consuming LED bulbs. The project, where ESCOM will install 1.2 million LED bulbs will see the corporation saving around 30 MW of power. Customers are also expected to benefit through reduced bills as LED bulbs last longer and consume less energy than other bulbs.

Speaking to journalists at the launch ceremony, David Mbewe, ESCOM’s regional manager for the Southern Region, said the LED project is one of the interventions against the prevailing power crisis that is due to low water levels in Lake Malawi. He highlighted that other mitigation measures such as cross border connection with Mozambique, and use of diesel generators are still underway.

“This should go to show the public that ESCOM is doing everything it can to resolve the current power woes.” Said Mbewe.”

The LED project is being implemented in two phases: The first phase will see ESCOM distributing the LED bulbs free of charge to high energy consuming and low income areas in exchange with incandescent bulbs. In the second phase, ESCOM will be selling the LED bulbs at substantially subsidized price.

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