The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) is informing its customers and the general public that it has set up and established social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter in order to enhance communication with its customers.

ESCOM is inviting customers who already have Twitter and Facebook accounts to connect with the organization online by LIKING and FOLLOWING its social media accounts. The social media accounts are as below:

  1. ESCOM on Facebook
  2. @ESCOM_Malawi on Twitter

Using these new social media platforms will allow ESCOM to easily and quickly provide customers and the general public with important updates on power supply and other related information.
ESCOM is informing customers that do not have social media accounts that it will continue communicating via various media and also through the company’s website ESCOM is further inviting customers to subscribe to electronic electricity updates from its website so that they are able to receive electricity updates to their emails.

ESCOM further advises its customers and the general public to beware of fake social media accounts that have been created on Facebook and Twitter by anonymous unscrupulous individuals. The fraudulent accounts have used the official logo of ESCOM and purport to communicate information on behalf of the Corporation. Customers must note that these fake social media accounts do not belong to the corporation; neither do they represent it nor communicate on its behalf.

ESCOM urges its customers and stakeholders to disregard information that is being issued on fake social media accounts as it is untrue and misleading. Customers are further urged to disregard any information being issued through unofficial channels.