The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) Limited is concerned with violent physical attacks of its field staff by some members of the public who engage in illegal activities.

In a recent incident, some members of the public attacked three ESCOM employees who had gone to disconnect an illegal supply of power to houses at Manje in Blantyre City. The attack was reported to Soche Police Sub-station which led to the arrest of three suspects.

ESCOM is reminding members of the general public that property installed by ESCOM in customers’ premises belongs to ESCOM and that it is a criminal offence to tamper with such installation, let alone deny access to ESCOM employees to enter premises for purposes of carrying inspections or other functions connected with ESCOM’s obligations to supply electricity.

ESCOM further wishes to remind the general public that under the Electricity Act, the following acts amount to offences punishable by a fine of K5,000,000.00 and to imprisonment for a period of ten (10) years upon conviction:

  • Illegal connection of electricity of any premises
  • Disturbing or tampering with any electricity meter or other measuring instrument or apparatus
  • Damaging or vandalising any electricity installation equipment or apparatus

ESCOM, however, appreciates the role many well-meaning members of the public are playing by tipping ESCOM on illegal activities involving its property and violence perpetrated against its employees.