ESCOM moves in to improve fault detection, construction works


ESCOM moves in to improve fault detection, construction works

By Peter Kanjere, ESCOM PRO

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has embarked on a project to digitize its electrical distribution network to enhance faults detection system and ease construction works.

ESCOM Director of Distribution and Customer Services Youngie Chewele said the project will involve linking customers to transformers they are connected to in their locations.

Connecting the customers to the transformers would make it easy to locate faults and carry out construction works, Chewele said.

Ahead of the digitization process, he said ESCOM has embarked on a data collection exercise on all its assets countrywide from October 2022 to 31st August 2023.

Chewele said the exercise aims at mapping all customers, thereby making it easy to locate them in the shortest possible time during service delivery.

He emphasized that Data Collectors will not take any, or remove any equipment / devices such a CIU from the customer premises during the exercise.

Chewele added that the assigned personnel have ESCOM Identity Cards for easy identification.

Chewele urged all ESCOM customers to grant the data collectors access to premises for them to collect the required information.

Customers who are either not at home or their business premises during the exercise are advised to leave CIUs with readily available persons. For more information, call toll free number 2020 during working hours only, he said.

Preparations for the project commenced with a week-long pilot data collection campaign in July this year in Lilongwe conducted by a team from ESCOM and EMIS contractors, Indra Kenya.

FACT-FINDING: A team from ESCOM during the pilot project in Lilongwe


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